Saturday, July 6, 2013

Photo Essay: Tiring department store Adventure

An quick visit inside the Tiring Building off of Midan Attaba. You've probably seen it from the bridge when coming back from the Azhar/Hussein area. It was finished in 1912 and owned by an Austrian fellow but he soon got kicked out of Egypt by the British at the end of WW1. Then Egyptians took over and...

A general view of the entrance

nice glass work on the overhang

A nice man (after checking we're not spies of bad people) showed a back entrance. in it, go down some stairs on the right, walk back, and you'll see a very old elevator. or you can just browse around all the belt shops until you find the staircase.  
A nice dome right above a staircase, which probably let in lots of nice natural light back in the day. 
Staircase leading to the roof top

There was someone sleeping in the dome, so we didn't bother them.
Iconic: The slaves carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders. notice the pharaonic hairstyle, and super pronounced abs

This must have looked cool when it was all lit up.
Yet another view of Cairo's rooftops...
A cool rooftop garden!
remnants of of a mannequin... forever sunbathing 
back down to the organized chaos... and off to azhar to get some books mended...

For more information on this building, please see:
and this lovely CairoObserver article:

Photos taken on July 2nd 2013

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Dennis Smerko said...

Why is this builing in the center of Cairo is such disrepair ?