Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Night before Brazil

So these past few days have been very cool in general. Tonight especially, we had Uncle Rick and Aunt Karen over for diner. As always they were a blast; it's hilarious watching and listening to them. Their way of flirting is sums up like this: Uncle Rick says something hilarious/inappropriate/about something stupid he did "in my yout" and Aunt Karen tells him to be quite and then he follows up with something like "that's why I love her, how could I be happier?" or something sweet along those lines. It's a sure-fire riot!

Then I hung out with my sister a bit, we talked about random stuff but it was very nice. I tried to go over to the neighbor's but they weren't home so I asked her to give them the bottle of wine for me. We had a nice party on Friday night and they were very nice to me and my friends so I got them a bottle of wine as a thank you gift.

I also picked Jeff up from his ice cream shop. I waited around there at we were talking to this Jewish guy named Silverstein. He was there picking up his son who works there. We talked a bit about stuff in the Middle East...

Then Jeff and I rode our bikes over to zab's. I told Aurelie that I would stop by to say goodbye and that I would help Zac with painting. Well we got there just as they were finishing to paint for the night but we chatted and it was nice. Talked to Aurelie about chilling in Paris this summer.

And now here I am... at home doing laundry, facebooking, thinking about Melanie, a French girl I met at my going away party. It's a shame it had to be going away. We had fun on Friday together and she's very very cute.

Tomorrow I'll be in Miami and sometime tomorrow night I'll be flying over the Caribbean, carbon-footprinting myself over to Rio! Lets hope for a flawless day of traveling!

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