Monday, June 30, 2008

cristo rey, Ipanema

Friday Dan arrived at 8h30.
Saturday all four of us went to Copacabana beach about one block from our apartment and spent an hour braving the waves.
around 11h we left for the Cristo Rey by bus. There was a long line so by 14h we arrived at the top.
We spent 1.5 hours looking around at the view.
got back at the apartment by 17h and relaxed for an hour or so.
Went to churascaria Porc√£o. The experience was awesome. I kept the red and green card that tells them to keep on bringing food or when to stop. Meat Meat Meat. So much for vegetarianism...
After this, despite our stomachs telling us otherwise, we went out for a few beers at two local bars.
Even the next night, after a whole 24 hours, my stomach still felt like it was full from the night before.
The following day we went to a `hippie´ fair which was basically a market for tourists. Didn´t get anything, I´ll wait for next weekend to buy presents. This week, my goal in relation to the exterior world is to write postcards...
I learned from Werner that the reason the words monday through friday are called ´second fair`(Monday) through Friday (sexta feira ) is because those were the days that they were allowed to trade and do market (fair, as in country fair) activities. Not sure why Monday is called the ´second fair` though.

Then, after the market, Ipanema beach. Famous, many more beautiful people than Copacabana.
Went for a swim with Felipe; the others were not up for it. Very nice waves and a great view of the surrounding mountains and a favela.
On the walk back along the beach from Ipanema we came across a cross dresser street comedian. Quite funny even though I could not understand much of what he was jesting.

That night we discovered a restaurant that serves asmuch pizza as you want for 14 reais. They have over 54 different pizzas to choose from...

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