Friday, April 26, 2013

Photo Essay: Mall of Arabia

A friend and I went to the "Mall of Arabia" in a Cairo suburb close to 6th of October city, to check it out (for me) and buy clothes (for her).
Here's my report:

A very confusing map.

Beautiful inner courtyard thing. with fountains, caf├ęs,

and little trains for kids and lazy adults to ride around in

Hash. for sheesha only...

Intersport and adidas, using Zamalek soccer players for promotion

lots of shoes. and lots of tiny sizes for kids.

Buzzy Cafe. It had advertisements all over the mall. Seemed like a busy place for kids and parents (to relax)

A Zara leather belt. I liked how it was written in so many different languages
Light up the night with your inflamable night gown.

The mall is only half finished. There's going to be a whole underground section soon. 


I had her carrying all my shopping bags. mouhahaha

reminds me of Gap, France, and my little cousin. It's his favorite store.

the Food Court. Green glasses (bottom right). KFC bottom right. Mayhem everywhere.
He's bringing the Sugar Canes to the store called Asabeta (previous photo). There, they press the canes and make sugar cane juice.

movies. James Bond, Django Unlimited

spinneys. boom.
Inside the Spinneys. huge surface area.

Sit el-Koll means "woman of all" meaning "just a normal, Joe lady". I learned this from the lady I used to buy bread from so that I could give the bread to the fuul/tameya shop for them to make my lunch.

A store for conservative Islamic clothes. with only male salespersons inside. weird.

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