Sunday, April 7, 2013

Cairo, Day 983

Today –Saturday– was a good day.

Four different girls felt the need to touch my soft short hair :-)

Dokki Metro Station. My favorite exit.

Some downtown graffiti. Notice "Gika" in the bottom right, he'll appear again further down.

I finished reading "A Short History of Tractors in Ukranian". Very fun book.

I went to book club. Today we talked about "Black Faces, White Masks" and "the Yacoubian Building" as well as the general "otherness" theme.
Yacoobian Building style. See the boy, the old lady, and the two girls?

BookClub-goers admiring the view

Then I hung out with Namaai kids at Makan for an open mic and a discussion on two short movies. All in Arabic, I could understand almost everything.

حب عميق

After that, had the regular kofta sandwich in dokki sq. Now back home, organizing photos and this week's lovely blog posts by Safy :-)

RIP Gika, whoever you are.


Anonymous said...

hey tbo, its crazy you have been in cairo so long, and possibly even crazier that you know exactly how many days! did you take all of these pictures?

Morsy said...

Hey Teresa! Yea, it took me a few minutes to calculate... had to track down plane tickets and stuff..
Yes, I took all of the photos in this post! Thanks for reading!

Morsy said...
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