Friday, April 17, 2009

Friday, small huge world.

Today I'm going to visit my first Mosque in Buenos Aires.

Goal: speak Arabic.

I will report back as to how this went.

This week, for the first time when I saw some medialunas at a café, I remembered those delicious pastries they sold in Cairo. sigh...

Good news:
Wednesday, I skyped with Atef. I have some very good news concerning him. He was accepted to a scholarship. This involves a fully-paid (by Mubarak) 4 month intensive course. He'll be doing 10 hours/day of English, business, and computer-related matters. It's a great way to get him going places in life (english is very sought after in all fields), as he generally complained about the lack of direction, and general desire for something better.

The reason I mention this is because I am the one who told him about this scholarship. I found out about it through some Egyptian friend I met through the 'class' I taught through the Islamic NGO. I know it's a very good class because they spoke pretty darn well after the time they had spent studying. One of the guys was even engaged to his teacher( and another, longtime novia, at the same time, he couldn't marry because he didn't have the money to).

So I'm really happy for Atef, I'm happy our friendships and contacts brought about this great opportunity for him.

Wow, and strangely HIGHLY related, The English/Iraqi girl who introduced me to Atef is in Buenos Aires NOW and I'll meet with her tomorrow. Planning on telling her this good news.
Small huge world.

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