Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Day walk from Dokki to Mounira

Calle 13 really puts Cairo streets in perspective.

Crates of new sidewalk pavements. From "Arab Contractors".  

They were breaking up this sidewalk in order to instal the new tiles. It was really quite fine, no need to destroy them all. 

Lights were on all over the bridge. At first I thought it was just poor management, but then...

...it was actually because someone was fixing them!
At night this bridge is just a huge party, and it looks really good with the lights and the flags. 

Ugly imposing USA embassy, right in the middle of downtown.

Some art center in GC off of Qasr al-Einy

Poor man digging through the garbage bins. Broken sewer systems. Mounira

And the evening ended around 11 with Yemeni. Mashuiyat, farakh mandi, etc... Great end of the evening :-) with good food, new names, and adopted cats...

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