Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Photos: Exorcism in Manshiet Nasr

These are from 2011.
There are not actual exorcism photos here, just photos of where they take place. 

Nice drawings on the cliff at the entrance

the two tablets of the ten commandments

Entrance to the church before it goes in to the side of the cliff.


During mass

I like how the crosses also support the ceiling. 

after mass. when the exorcisms took place. I didn't take photos of it out of respect!

A chat about religion lead to an emotional hug out.

Notice the Egyptian flag. We are Copts, but we're still Egyptian too! 

The exorcisms were actually quite powerful. Although I knew they weren't real, it did feel like something was going on. Definitely something interesting to witness at some point. the power of faith. 

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