Thursday, August 8, 2013

Eid. End of Ramadan

Well, it's been almost exactly seven days since I arrived in France. seven days... Currently in Narbonne, about an hour from the Mediterranean border with Spain.

Sorry there were no more updates for the second half of R, I got a bit lazy and very busy with work and departure preparations.
Things of note that happened in the second half:

- I didn't fast as much: my hunger started coming back earlier in the day; I had to wake up at 830 everyday.
- I discovered a new gym/mixed martial arts group which I plan on coming back to at least once a week when I return. First time I ever sparred at boxing, first time I ever did any jiu-jitsu floor wrestling (with a guy from desert force).
-first time someone openly and honestly said I'm going bald.

And now, as I watch my dad fall asleep, I wonder: "why do we twitch as we are falling asleep?"
A BBC article says:
As the mind gives in to its normal task of interpreting the external world, and starts to generate its own entertainment, the struggle between the reticular activating system and VLPO tilts in favour of the latter. Sleep paralysis sets in. What happens next is not fully clear, but it seems that part of the story is that the struggle for control of the motor system is not quite over yet. Few battles are won completely in a single moment. As sleep paralysis sets in remaining daytime energy kindles and bursts out in seemingly random movements. In other words, hypnic jerks are the last gasps of normal daytime motor control.

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