Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Memories of SexEd from fb's precursor: Bolt

This memory came back to me after a recent conversation with a French friend about various sex techniques.

So, I'm not sure if that many people will remember this, but when I was between the age of ten and, maybe 14, there was this social network called "bolt". I found out about it from a commercial on tv while watching batman, or spiderman cartoons or something.
Facebook was not the first of its kind.

Bolt kicked ass, it was where I got most of my sexual education. Perhaps this is a bad thing.

"In many ways was ahead of its time. It was among the first social networking sites to appear on the Internet. It offered a wide range of unique services including a dailyhoroscopechat roomsmessage boards, tagbooks (a knowledge market feature), photo albums, internet radio,browser gamesblogse-cards, an instant messenger service, a clubs feature (giving people with similar interests a common message board), and badges (a system of awards for user profiles). "

Anyway, back to the sex ed part. There was this profile by someone called "crack69monkey". It was simply amazing, as others might attest –a treasure trove for a horny twelve-year-old.

Sadly, bolt is no longer in operation. I tried searching for archives of crack69monkey's blog, but only found this link, and it doesn't seem to work for me.
Does anyone share some of these same memories or know what I'm talking about?
I would really like to thank whoever crack69monkey was/is.


J Ayers said...

Her name was Amanda, and is my ex girlfriend. I lost touch with her back in 2000 and I have been looking relentlessly for her these past 2 years.

Morsy said...

Do you know where to find her blog posts?